Bachelorettes Swarm to Nashville for Weekend Parties

On Friday afternoons, groups of bachelors, bachelorettes or other groups seeking a fun-filled weekend, emerge on the BNA airport terminal, as well as the crossroads of interstates that empty into Music City. Within hours, they walk out of their hotels and attack the honky tonks of Broadway.

Nashville, TN has become a hot spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as girls’ weekends, guys’ weekends, 21st and 30th birthday celebrations. The groups are not too hard to recognize, as they embrace the neon, live music, and bottomless kegs down “Honky Tonk Row”, the nickname for Broadway. Some wander around in amazement, not knowing where to start. Others jump in with blind hunger.

The bachelorette parties are a little more flamboyant, often donning tiaras, boas, matching shirts and naughty accessories. Determining why Nashville is the #1 destination for these groups, is not difficult.

The city has unlimited bars, blasting the nation’s best musical talent. Starting at 11:00 AM every morning, seven days a week, the bars downtown feature local musicians playing their hearts out for tips, exposure, and fulfillment of their love for music. Because musicians play for free, there is rarely a cover at a bar. For every bar charging a cover charge, there are 20 that don’t, so keep on strolling. This makes for a fun, affordable evening all.

Most of the groups like to include one structured activity in their weekend, although most groups don’t want to give up precious arty time for a show at the Grand Ole Opry. They usually opt out for things like pub crawls, cycle bars, pole dancing lessons, line dance classes or lingerie shows.

And if the downtown scene gets a little congested and tiring, parties can move over one mile to Midtown for more local, music scene. The Midtown area includes Music Row, Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, three hospitals, oodles of local eateries, and the hip Hillsboro Village and West End neighborhoods. Midtown is a younger crowd than downtown, which makes bachelorette and bachelor parties mighty happy!

Another reason Nashville is such a popular destination for wedding parties and other groups is that warm southern charm. Everyone in Nashville is so friendly and helpful. Guests always ask why everyone is so nice? it’s because they live in Nashville. Nashville is unique in that it has people from all backgrounds, most of whom were born in another part of the country or world; however, everyone is polite and welcoming of tourists. The city embraces everyone and exudes a sense of laid-back contentment not found in most cities of its size.

In addition to music and plenty of “people watching”, guests can also shop for a great pair of boots, a fun new outfit, or just meander through the souvenir and candy shops.

If you are considering Nashville for a special celebration party or just a weekend getaway, here are a few tips to make your stay more enjoyable:

1) Try to stay in downtown or midtown, so you don’t have to drive back and forth to your hotel or pay for expensive cabs. Downtown hotels are pricey but if you can put 4 people to a room, it won’t be that costly. The convenience will be worth it

2) Flying in? Take the MTA bus from the airport to downtown for only $1.70 per person. A cab will cost about $30. Save that dough for drinks.

3) Try to plan ahead and make reservations early for activities. Many downtown restaurants do not take reservations, so arrive early.

4) Don’t just stick to downtown bars. Midtown offers a whole different vibe and a more local crowd. Most of the restaurants downtown are national chains, with the exception of Past Perfect, Puckett;s Grocery, City Grille, Merchants Restaurant, and Jack’s Barbeque.

5) Dress comfortably. Nashville is a casual town and you may have to do a lot of walking. And dress for the climate. Summers are warm and humid so wear loose clothing that breathes.

6) Be sure to tip the musicians. The thing that makes Nashville special is the accessibility of fantastic music, all day long, seven days a week.. Support the musicians by tossing a couple bucks in their buckets. They will really appreciate it!

7) Pace yourself. If you start partying hard at 11:00 AM, you’ll give out by 5:00. Always drink plenty of water. It’s not a bad idea to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic one.

Enjoy the city, the southern hospitality, and mostly enjoy the music!

Travel Advice in The Lake District for Stag Weekends and Hen Parties

Cumbria is a beautiful scenic area of the North West of England and offers stag & hen parties plenty of possibilities. The Lake District is known for its vast amount of lakes and because of these outdoor based activities like gorge walking, canoeing and raft building are in abundance.

Remember though that the Lake District is a very rural national park which unlike other stag & hen do destinations such as Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool has very little public transport options to get around. For hen & stag weekends the best solutions is to car share or hire a mini bus. This will ensure that the whole hen or stag party can easily get to and from the Lake District outdoor activities.

There are many areas in Cumbria which attract hen & stag parties, with Keswick, Windermere & Ambleside being the most popular. The three towns offer some amazing views with the added benefit of bars, pubs, restaurants and other tourist attractions. Beware that in peak season the Lake District is extremely popular with tourists resulting in a lot more traffic on the roads and difficulties in securing accommodation if booked last-minute.

The Lake District is one of the best destinations for a stag & hen weekends, with its abundance of activities, beautiful scenery, quaint shops and local pubs. The main travel tip to give thought to is; choose the date carefully to ensure you avoid the peak visitor times and as such the busy roads and expensive accommodation that they bring.

Before you set off driving to The Lake District prepare your journey with both your sat nav and written notes, as signals on sat nav’s can disappear very quickly and they are notorious for sending you down small country lanes as a ‘quicker’ route, which can be hard to navigate, especially in the dark. Google maps & the AA route planner are both useful tools to help plan your route giving both traffic congestion areas as well as other hot spots.

In addition it is preferable to speak with your accommodation and activity providers beforehand as they will be able to provide you with maps and local knowledge with regards to the best routes to and from their sites.

One final tip is ensure if all else fails you have the telephone numbers (and a fully charged mobile battery!) of your accommodation and activity providers as they will be able to guide you to them.

Organiser of stag weekends, hen nights and team building activities throughout the UK.

Tips For Planning a Stag Party

Stag parties are, as far as the groom is concerned, one of the best bits about getting married. They get to spend quality time with their mates before saying the big “I do”. For some men its a last attempt at freedom and for others its merely an excuse to have an amazing time! Either way men on a stag do are a force to be reckoned with.

If you are planning a stag do for someone and are having trouble with ideas why not take inspiration here.

A track day

All men love cars and most men adore fast cars. So why not spend the day racing one? You can race the car of your dreams and not have to pay the huge price tag! Just be careful when you drive home though.

Go karting

Why not race against all the other members of your party and beat them hands down at go karting! This is ideal for large groups as you can have different heats and race the winners.

Clay pigeon shooting

There’s nothing more masculine than a man with a gun so why not try your aim at some clay pigeon shooting? Don’t worry no animals will be harmed during this activity, maybe just a few dented ego’s.


Dude! What could be more fun than learning to ride a wave with your friends? OK yes if it was in Hawaii it would me much nicer but newquay gets very warm in the summer!

Off roading

Driving, getting dirty and having fun. Need I say more?


Probably the most fun anyone can have with a mask on. Paintballing is brilliant for large groups and gives you the satisfaction of shooting at your friends when they don’t know it’s you! Just remember that being hit with a paintball will cause a bruise which could take a while to heal so whatever you do don’t go paintballing the weekend before your big day!


Water, canoes, adrenaline. Try to fight against the current whilst staying upright and staying in one piece. Not as easy as it looks!


For those who want a more quiet and peaceful stag do then try fishing. You can get on a boat, head out to sea and sit for hours chatting with your friends whilst waiting for a catch. Perfect.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could go abroad for your stag do. Nothing says “my last weekend of freedom” like Amsterdam. Or you could simply have a good pub crawl, possibly with the odd entertainment thrown in for good measure. Just make sure you are sober enough to walk down the aisle the next day. What ever you decide to do make sure that everyone is clear of what is expected of them. If you have delegated invitations to someone, make sure they’ve done it. If someone is in charge of hiring the transport [] e.g. coach, bus or taxi’s, remind them to do it. Good planning will make a perfect day and that’s what a groom needs on his stag do.

Tailgating With a Party Bus

I was born in Jacksonville and have lived here almost my entire life. The best thing about my city is having the Jacksonville Jaguars games so close to home. My sports friends and I make it to as many games as we can. You just cannot compare watching a game on television to watching one live from the stands.

Just recently, my friends and I have started renting a party bus for the games. These buses are amazing and make the tailgating even more enjoyable than it already is. We can easily fit my 5 girlfriends and their significant others comfortably in these buses. It is like having your living room available 20 feet from the tailgate party. If it is too hot out then we can relax in the bus and cool down. I’m sure that someone could even take a nap if they wanted to.

The drivers are awesome too! My friends have always commented on the friendliness and professionalism of the drivers after we get home from a game. It must be an interesting job driving around people like my friends and I all the time. It’s just too bad that the drivers can’t watch the game with us, but we do always offer some tailgate barbecue to them.

Watching the games has become a way of life for my group of friends. The anticipation the day before the game is like Christmas Eve for us. We enjoy getting the food and beverages together that we will have before the game. Everyone brings something of their own so we never can tell exactly what we will be having at our tailgate party each game. The guys are mostly predictable which is nice because it allows the ladies to be creative since we know the staple food will be taken care of.

After the game we load up into the bus and head back towards each person’s home. Even though it takes a few hours to drop everyone off it isn’t boring at all. I think some of the crew like this part of the day the best. The are full of food and sometimes drinks but don’t have to worry about driving. If you haven’t taken a party bus to a Jacksonville Jaguars game before then I highly recommend you try it at least once. Get your friends together to split up the bill and it is very affordable and definitely worth it.

San Francisco Party Bus Journey

Having the opportunity to travel to San Francisco you can enjoy the culture and a lot of what makes the city a historical destination. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the famous Cable Car System you can really take advantage of a lot of the different destinations that make the city a great place to enjoy. If you get the chance to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge you can take a picture of the Famous Fog that covers into the city. Being one of the top tourist destinations in the United States you get the chance to really travel in the city and enjoy the scenery.

You can make your trip into the city one that you can enjoy for a long time as you make your way to a popular tourist destination such as Pier 39 where you have a popular shopping center and tourist attraction. You can take in some culture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Muir Woods National Monument, The Fillmore and the Ferry Building where you can take a tour through the San Francisco Bay. You can really experience what the city has to offer with one of the many different destinations available. If you are sports fanatic you want to take the opportunity to checking out the professional teams that reside in the city. Enjoy a baseball game at AT&T Park which is the home of the MLB San Francisco Giants whose home is right off the city Bay. If you enjoy football you can enjoy a trip to Candlestick Park and check out the San Francisco 49ers. There are plenty of options when it comes to deciding on what type of event you would like to attend.

With a trip to this California city you really get the chance to enjoy the culture and historical destinations that make it a great location to enjoy with your family and friends. Enjoy a family vacation at any of these venues and make it a memorable vacation. With the hilltop roads you want to make sure you are not rolling like a boulder through the city. Having the opportunity to travel to this city can be an enjoyable vacation for all who travel there. You can find yourself wanting to stay. Our party bus in San Francisco can help provide the transportation service you need. Being able to get through the city is important and knowing that having a professional company that can get you anywhere around the Bay Area is key. Enjoy your visit, you will be amazed by how entertaining it is to travel from one part of San Francisco to the next. From a family vacation to anniversary you will be able to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Where is the Party Bus Limo?

Once upon a time there was an amazing black 28 seater Party Coach limo that used to cruise the streets of Bristol carrying hen night parties and stag night parties, children’s parties and sometimes even corporate event celebrations. The Party Bus limo was outstanding, full of extras such as:

– Fantastic purple and pink wave style seating with contrasting piping
– A separate PLAYBOY den with black and pink seating with seating for 5 featuring playboy paraphernalia.
– A Pole Dancing Pole
– An 8 seat executive gambling den with poker table, a full set of playboy poker chips, playboy playing cards with automatic shuffler.
– Bar facilities (on tap bar with on board courier service) and
– an on board W.C

The audio/visual/disco features consisted of

– 6 x 1800 watt sub woofers
– 28 200 watt mid-range speakers
– 6 x 2000 amplifiers
– 6 Flat Screen TV’s with DVD Player
– 60 Mini Led disco lights
– 2 x mini disco bars with disco dancing acrylic bar top
– 600 feet of Glowing fibre optic
– Colour Changing disco ceiling
– Underseat chasing colour changing disco LED’s
– 6 Ultra Violet lighting lamps
– 8 Strobe lights
– 8 Colour changing plasma dishes
– Laser Light show
– Disco Light show and a
– High Powered smoke machine

It was one of the most spectacular and popular limousines to be found outside of the London area. Then one day it simply disappeared. No one knows of its whereabouts but there are still plenty of people searching.

Some say has that this limo has travelled to Birmingham to compete for hire with another set of amazing party coach limousines but this is unfounded. Others say that it has been decommissioned; however this too has never been proved. So what has happened to this mother of all Party Bus limousines?

It is possible that this superb Party Bus limousine could be changing hands (rumour has it that its former Bristol based owners were looking to sell it for a mere £35,000), though where it will end up is anyone’s guess. In the mean time people all over the United Kingdom continue to search for the elusive 28 seater Party Bus limo. Limousine companies throughout the UK are bombarded with customers asking after the Party Bus limousines for events as diverse as weddings to computer technology exhibitions. Let’s hope that wherever it travels to next it will continue to be as fantastic as it has always been.

There are further rumours still that an even larger double decker Party Bus limousine, a 50 seater vehicle, is due to be launched in the next few weeks. Whether it has the same amazing extras that made the 28 seater Party Bus limo so successful remains to be seen. Watch this space for news of what could be the best Party Bus limousine ever created and be one of the first to show off its amazing set of features.

Remember, unlike certain public transport companies, you will not be kept waiting only for three of these buses to come at once!

Three Things You Can Do To Make Your Prom Amazing

You’re reaching the end of your senior year of high school and starting to think about prom. First off Congrats! You are graduating and going off to college soon! However, prom is around the corner and you want it to be memorable! Its getting closer and you have your date, but you still need to find a dress/tux, figure out where your going to go to eat and most importantly, how your going to get there.

What your going to wear is one of the most important parts of prom, and something we all worry about when preparing for the event, but it shouldn’t be stressful, or even troublesome. For you women out there, finding your dress is exciting and all part of the experience. Sherri Hill Dresses on Flatbrush Ave. may be the place where you will find your perfect gown. They say they can help you find a dress regardless of your style preference! They can even help you find a pair of shoes to match your dress, knocking out that extra stop. For you gentlemen, Dante Zeller Tuxedo & Menswear could be your location of choice. Whether your looking to buy or rent, they will more than accommodate your needs. They also carry all the accessories you may need such as shoes, ties, and shirts. If your having trouble finding something that fits, maybe Mielle Boutique should be your next stop. Swearing by their motto “We Fit Your Style” they have seamstresses on site to help with your choice. They offer sizes 14 and up and are eagerly waiting to help you with your perfect fit.

Now that you have chosen your outfit, you get to look into what your going to eat! No matter your price range or preferences there is a restaurant for you! Looking for something cheap but still delicious? Maybe Bill’s Bar & Burger is the place for you! Want something other than burgers? Look into B-Bap Fusion Rice Bar. They specialize in rice, noodle, salad combinations with a large variety of toppings and sauces. Perhaps your looking for something a little more top end? Delmonico’s is always a great choice. With their delicious lobster bisque and phenomenal Angus rib-eye steak, its hard to disappoint. What if your feeling sushi? Sushi Yasuda is a wonderful choice as well! With his mastery of the blue fin tuna renowned chef Naomichi Yasuda will please your palate with hand picked fish from all over the world.

Now that you know what you want to eat, its time to look into how you want to get there. You may elect to rent a New York Limousine for you and your friends to take a ride around town in before or after the party. But what do you look for in a New York Limousine Service to make sure your getting the best service you can? First thing you want to look for is their reputation, do other people enjoy the services of said company? Were they treated well? You also need to look for experience, how long have they been around? What if you don’t want a simple limo and want to ride in a stretch Hummer or even a party bus? The New York City Limousine Service provided by Gotham Limousine will not disappoint in any of these categories. With experience dating back to 1965 they have been pleasing customers for well over 50 years!

So now that you have your cloths, restaurant, and transportation out of the way, all there is left to do is enjoy you night! Regardless what you choose to wear or where you elected to eat for dinner, your night will be amazing! Good company mixed with good food and a pleasurable drive around the city in a New York Limousine will make a happy memory for you to keep with out forever! Once again Congratulations on your achievement!

Fun Bachelor Party Ideas in Chicago

So, you have been given the dubious duty of throwing the groom a bachelor party in the Chicago area but you’re not so sure what kind of events to plan? You might pleasantly surprised to know that that there are a multitude of ideas to give the groom a night to remember that doesn’t include strip clubs and exotic dancers, although those are certainly options. As a professional bachelor party planner, my best advice is to celebrate the occasion with both day & night activities.

Things to do during the day
Typically, bachelor parties in Chicago are thrown during the warmer months from May through early September. There is an endless sea of fun, creative things to do outdoors. For starters, consider having your entourage meet visit Navy Pier. The beer garden gives a cool, unobstructed view of Chicago’s beautiful skyline, and offers live music, as well as cheap eats. After the groom has caught a buzz, why not opt to rent bikes and go for an incredible, self-guided tour of the city’s lake front? You can also choose to have a volleyball game right on the beach.

Another fun idea is to have the guy’s party on one of the many affordable Chicago River boat cruises. For example, right near the Wrigley building, just below Michigan Avenue awaits the Windella boats. Windella offers a cheap, extremely entertaining tour of the city by way of water taxi. This is a perfect time for the bachelor and his friends to do some relaxed male bonding, while at the same time enjoying the sights and sounds of the magnificent mile, and amazing architecture of the city. In case you’re wondering, most of the cruises do have a bar on board.

Quite possibly, the very best daytime bachelor party idea is to have the crew take a ride on the double deck, Chicago Trolley bus. You can actually schedule the trolley custom-tailored to your specific plans, or just choose from an array of packages. The trolley is probably most famous for its nighttime pub crawls, but there’s no reason the groom can’t sip champagne and see Chicago’s most famous spots by day.

Nighttime Fun
There are seriously dozens of bars, taverns, and yes, strip clubs to throw the bachelor party in Chicago. A word to the wise: plan the night early to save money. Begin by calling around various limo companies and inquire what type of packages are offered. Try to stay away from renting transportation by the hour and instead opt of a limo package. Chicago limo companies often have exclusive deals worked out with night clubs where the entire party enters free of charge and has reserved seating. Some of the smaller limousine companies’ offer deals for as cheap as $300 for the entire evening. An added bonus is everyone can drink without having to worry about driving home.

You’re probably wondering, what about strippers and exotic dancers? This is where finding the right transportation can make all the difference in the world. Virtually every major Chicago party bus has cheap packages worked out with strip clubs. You can arrange for VIP seating, free cover charge, and even have the groom brought on stage through the right limo company. Throw in enough money and some limo services will include an exotic dancer to ride along.

No matter what you are planning for the bachelor party, just remember the most important thing to consider on this day is the groom. A few weeks or months out from the big day, have the groom fill out a bucket list of things he would really enjoy for his party. It doesn’t have to be anything formal, but rather, just a simple glimpse of the kind of things he likes.

The party need not be as crazy as what was depicted in the movie Hang Over, but it can be an awful lot of fun. Do a little homework prior to the bachelor party, and you will find that Chicago has a great variety of fun things to do.

Party Time – Limousine, Please!

There’s nothing like a grand birthday party. Birthdays are the ideal reason to take an entire day to celebrate. After all, to have lived on this planet for so many years can be considered an impressive feat. You’ve seen so much, experienced so many things – another year full of knowledge and excitement and changes. Why wouldn’t you throw a party and invite all your friends? Birthdays mean delicious food, great company, and perhaps even a gift or two. But there are still ways that you can transform a typical birthday into something even more amazing.

Birthdays are reasons to cruise around in a limo. You can feel like a star as you travel in style. The comfort of the seats, the roominess of the vehicle, and the amenities you get with a limo make it all worthwhile. Not to mention that limos offer you the ability to bring along plenty of friends! After all, you can’t celebrate your birthday properly without all your friends with you. There are plenty of limousines that you can choose from depending upon the kind of party you want to have and just how many people you hope will attend.

Typically people use limousines to move from one location to another. This means you can feel like a rock star no matter where you decide to go. But you can also use your limo as the place to party. It’s a simple matter of kicking back and letting the driver do all the work while you enjoy your day or night with all your friends. So – how many people will be at your party?

For a more intimate touch, you can opt for a luxury sedan that seats just three or four people. It can be a small affair as you travel to your favorite restaurant or shopping destination. It will definitely draw some attention when it rolls up and you step out.

If you’re hoping to have a party that’s a little bigger, then a stretch limo will be much better. These can seat anywhere from six to twelve people, giving you the chance to have plenty of friends enjoy the ride with you. And perhaps everyone can chip in to make your limo ride free and more fun!

Perhaps your party will be even bigger. That means more people, more fun, and a requirement for more room. No worries. Stretch SUVs came out several years ago, giving people the ability to have larger groups and a great time. Stretch SUVs can seat anywhere from fifteen to twenty people and can even be theme-based with all sorts of exciting interior designs and extras.

Need even more room? Then consider the ultimate option – the party bus. A party bus is big enough to allow over 20 people to hang out inside and celebrate with you. That’s why it’s called the party bus, of course! The driver takes you wherever you like or simply rolls down the road while the rest of you have a blast in the back all night long. The best part is that even a party bus won’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s a party bus waiting for everyone!

Be sure and tell the limo company that the limousine will be used for a birthday. You may be surprised at what they throw in just for you. From tasty foods and drinks to balloons and more, they know you’ll want to have a great time and want to make your experience one you’ll never forget. Shop around and you’ll soon find some very affordable options. Limousines aren’t for the rich and famous anymore – they’re for everyone who knows what it means to ride in style!

So enjoy your presents, eat up your cake, and make it a birthday to remember in the backseat of a sweet limousine!

Las Vegas Tours: Grand Canyon Bus Tours During the New Year’s Holidays

Tired of the same old New Year’s parties and wish you could do something new and exciting? Then going to Vegas to celebrate is a great idea, plus you can tour the Grand Canyon while you are there. The Canyon is close to Vegas, so taking a bus tour is a good way to go.

Buses depart daily and provide you with a comprehensive day filled with fun. The bus tours are day long trips that take at least 14 hours to complete. You’ll have to get up early too, because buses leave for the National Park at 7 am.

Bus Tours To The West Rim

Vegas is situated closest to the West Rim, which is only 120 miles away. The West Rim is packed with adventure. The Skywalk is located there. The Skywalk is a huge viewing platform made with a transparent floor that’s suspended 4000 feet over the bottom of the Canyon, and it juts out 70 feet beyond the edge of the rock wall. The view from the Skywalk is amazing.

You’ll be allotted three hours to explore the West Rim after your bus drops you off there. There are notable lookout areas like Guano Point and Eagle Point to see along safe walking trails. You don’t want to miss visiting the lookouts for the fantastic panoramic views they provide. If you get hungry after your walk, you can buy drinks and snacks at the Skywalk Complex along with some souvenirs of your tour.

You can book a bus tour that includes tickets to the Skywalk in the package. You can also buy tickets once you get to the West Rim, but you’ll have to pay more.

Touring The South Rim

The South Rim is worth seeing too, but it is a lot longer ride. Even though the bus trip there takes five hours, the South Rim bus tour out of Vegas is very popular. When the buses depart from Vegas, they follow the initial route that the West Rim buses follow, so you’ll even get to see Boulder Dam and Lake Mead.

The South Rim is located in Arizona by the town of Tusayan, which is close to the main gates of the National Park. The tour bus takes you to all the best places to see, and you’ll have about three hours to tour the rim. You’ll make a stop at Grand Canyon Village and see great lookouts like Mather Point and Yaki Point. The South Rim is more isolated than the West Rim, and there is not as much commercial activity. The South Rim is the ideal destination if you’re looking to soak up natural beauty.

Buy Your Tour Online As Soon As Possible

All fees and taxes are included in the price you pay upfront for your bus tour. The tour even provides shuttle service to and from your hotel. Lunch is provided for you, but it’s a good idea to carry plenty of snacks and drinks too.

Bus tours to the Canyon are extremely popular with Vegas tourists. The holiday season is a busy time for Canyon tours, so get your tour booked as soon as you can. The best way to lock in your seats is to use your credit card to book your tour online.

Remember to include tickets to the Skywalk if you go to the West Rim. When you book a South Rim tour, you can add on a helicopter flight over the remote regions of the Canyon. There are several tour options on offer, and that makes it easy to book a tour that fits right in with your travel budget. So celebrate the New Year in a way you’ll never forget by taking a scenic and adventurous bus tour from Vegas to America’s favorite scenic landmark.